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About Samson Corporation

Samson, a North Carolina Corporation, is one of the Moratiel Group of Companies; an automotive, petroleum, and industrial lubrication products manufacturer with worldwide facilities and operations. This global strength and network availability assures your total satisfaction.

The Moratiel group manufactures lubrication equipment under several brand names. One name, Samoa, has been an excellent manufacturer of lubrication equipment for 50 years, while
Samson has become a dominant force in the American markets. Together, and as members of the extended Moratiel family, the group has emerged as one of the largest lubrication equipment manufacturers in the world. More than 25 companies throughout Europe and the United States belong to the group. The groups' worldwide presence is complimented with an extensive distribution network covering more than ninety countries.  

Samson produces and markets conventional and custom engineered lubrication systems; pumps, control handles, meters, nozzles and fittings; waste oil products; portable dispensers; specialty hose reels; fluid inventory control systems; grease guns, shop furniture; support accessories and supplies; to key distributors and specialty accounts throughout the world.

As the companies have grown, so has their reputation for durability and long life. The quietness of operation typically exceeds low noise requirements. High flow rates combined with efficient design and operation mean Samson products require less energy than most of their competitors. Samson has been an industry leader for designing products for a sensitive environment, and introducing innovative products into the market place.

Take a look and you will discover why many professionals believe that "Samson, the best constructed, highest quality, lubrication equipment on the market combined with 'old fashioned' service is the best value to come along in decades."

Samson…Simply the best.